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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

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These General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationship between the provider (hereinafter referred to as provider) of STS GmbH and the user (hereinafter referred to as user).

1. Terms of Use

The user is a self-employed erotic masseuse or tantra masseur and would like to rent a room or apartment from the provider. The user hereby confirms that she speaks and understands German or English. In addition, the user agrees that she works independently and for her own account.

The user offers his/her services independently, on his/her own account and independently. STS GmbH has nothing to do with the offer, the service, the prices, the dates and has no right to issue instructions to the user. Only the "tabooless" or "everything without/AO" offers are not desired by us, as they are forbidden and bad for the other users in the apartments. And it also promotes the spread of diseases. If the user is exploited or has to work unwillingly in the sex trade, the user must report this immediately to those responsible at STS GmbH and they will inform the police and provide the contact details of the relevant authorities such as Flora Dora etc. The user is then NOT allowed to rent a room or apartment from us and the contract of use is immediately void. The deposit will be retained as compensation for expenses.

2. Work Permits

The user is responsible for the work permit, which must be presented upon arrival without being asked. Should the validity of the above-mentioned documents expire, they must be renewed in good time and submitted to the person responsible at STS GmbH without being asked. If the tenant cannot/does not want to register online independently, the persons responsible at STS GmbH will do this free of charge upon request. STS GmbH assumes no liability for incorrect data in the report or missing data.

3. Debt Collection/Service User

The user is responsible for the collection of his/her service and the customer of the service provider only enters into a contractual relationship with the self-employed user, but not with STS GmbH. We assume no liability for the service offered by a self-employed user.

4. Offer/service for the user

STS GmbH provides the user with the complete infrastructure (this includes, among other things, the lockable room with its own key, bed, sanitary facilities, bath towels, bed linen, duvet, duvets, pillows, separate smoking rooms, possibly a balcony, garden or terrace , kettle, coffee maker, refrigerator, cooking utensils, microwave, lounge, washing machine, rubbish bin, cloakroom, lamps, armchairs, shoehorn, tumble dryer, Bluetooth speaker, parking spaces, TV, internet with fast WiFi, video surveillance of stairwells for security purposes, emergency systems and 24-hour security call services, etc.) to exercise their self-employment.

STS GmbH also provides all the usual consumables such as toilet paper, kitchen paper, cleaning supplies, shower gel, soap, detergent, mouthwash, vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaner bags, garbage bags/commercial containers that are subject to a fee, and light bulbs.

5. Insurance

For each apartment, STS GmbH has special liability insurance for the furniture, household effects and property provided. STS GmbH also assumes the Serafe/Billag fees or these are included in the user price.

Personal and/or accident insurance as well as liability insurance for improper use of the provider's premises by the user and their guests, all rights are passed on to the user.

6. Cleaning and Corona measures

The user is responsible for cleaning and hygiene measures in the rooms he/she uses after the service has been provided. Rules of conduct during Corona times are sent regularly and can be requested from us at any time. The independent user is responsible for implementing the measures. STS GmbH is only responsible for the weekly cleaning of the shower and toilet facilities and the stairwell. The thorough and complete cleaning of the apartment or room takes place after the departure of the user.

When you check out of our apartments or rooms, STS GmbH takes care of the complete room cleaning, including washing the duvets, bed linen, bath towels and all other textiles, this is included in the usage price.

7. House Rules

The user must comply with the general house rules. In particular, the user shows consideration for other users and their guests, tenants or owners when using the premises. In the event of a violation of the house rules and eviction from the apartment/room, the payment made and/or the deposit will not be refunded and will be retained as compensation for expenses. The house rules are part of this user agreement and are available for download in various languages on the following page (de/en/es/it/fr/ro/bg). See website:

8. User Agreement

The user confirms that they are self-employed and work on their own account and bear their own losses. If the user cannot arrive on the booked day, the right to a refund of the deposit no longer applies. The user bears the losses herself, regardless of the reason why the user cannot attend our appointment as agreed. The deposit will be paid back up to 11 days before arrival after deduction of bank and postal charges, after that the money will be retained in full. Furthermore, the self-employed person is the user himself/herself responsible for the correct declaration and taxation of his/her income, the payment of social/accident/health insurance and possibly other insurance premiums and any VAT payments

9. Advertising/activation of pictures under “tenants”

The self-employed user is responsible for the advertising; the usage price includes only the activation of his/her own pictures to which the user has the copyright, the own telephone number and the self-written text on our website www.

If the person responsible at STS GmbH is given stolen images or images to which the user does not have the copyright, then the user is solely and fully liable for the fines levied for this. STS GmbH checks to the extent possible whether the images are original, but STS GmbH and those responsible do not assume any liability for them.

10. Prices

The self-employed user of our premises pays a usage fee for the premises made available by us for a certain period of time. The costs for a room/apartment can be requested on 078 952 59 49. The website is merely an overview of the offer of the provider. Spelling errors on the website and in advertisements are excluded.

11. Termination of Contract

This usage agreement comes into effect upon arrival and expires upon departure at the latest. It can be terminated at any time by either party with immediate effect. And the user agrees to voluntarily leave the premises immediately upon dissolution. If the user refuses to leave the premises immediately, the police will be called in in an emergency. The user owes the provider a flat rate of CHF 1,500 due to special activities and damage to business. Any rent or deposit paid in advance will be retained and deducted from the costs. In addition, we issue the user with a ban or district ban of at least one year for her misconduct.

12. Privacy

The provider protects the data of the user and the visitor with all technically possible measures.

If, despite this, data is passed on to third parties, the provider rejects all liability.

We send notifications and notifications as newsletters by e-mail. All visitors to our site can subscribe to our newsletter free of charge. This can be canceled at any time. Your e-mail address will only be used to send the newsletter and will not be passed on to third parties.

13. Data Storage and Utilization

The data required to create the advertisements are stored to manage the account. If desired, the associated data can be deleted at any time. The data of users and visitors to the site will not be passed on to third parties unless the user or visitor has violated applicable law.

14. Hyperlinks

Backlinks that were activated by the operator of the site are first carefully checked and switched off if no illegal content is recognizable. The provider has no influence whatsoever on the content of a linked page that is changed later. Therefore, any liability is passed on to the respective linked website owner.

15. Amendment of the General Terms and Conditions

The provider has the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time.

16. Severability Clause

Should a provision of this contract or the content of an annex to this contract integrated into the contract be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the contract.

17. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the competent court at the registered office of the operator's company and Swiss law is exclusively applicable.

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