Earn a lot of money in a stylish ambience


  • female Swiss management
  • official approved 7/24h
  • Discreet, Private flats NO REDLIGHT
  • Safety/Security Cameras
  • Rooms with Box-spring beds, completely furnished
  • Towels, bed sheets, Radio, Safe etc.
  • free WLAN


The Rooms are fully furnished:

  • Box spring beds
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Bed linen, duvets, bed sheets, blankets, shower towels, pillows, rubbish bins, cloakrooms, armchairs, lamps, curtains, etc.
  • all rooms can be locked with a key

For shared use

  • Kitchen with Microwave & water heater
  • Bath with Shower/Toilet
  • Washroom with several industrial washing machine and dryer
  • Smoking area
  • Garden/Pavilion
  • free parking for clients


One Room is from Fr. 80.- till Fr. 130.- per day and 500.- to 650.-Fr. per week. If you stay one week you have to pay weekly at the first day.

Deposit for the Key: Fr. 50.- If you leave and bring me the key than you get the money.

You can use the parking space in front of the house for free

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning of the room, kitchen, bathroom and washroom is task of the lodger. I provide only vacuum cleaner, brush and buckets! Detergents, sponge, cloths, washing powder, Toilet Paper and so on, you are responsible by your own!

Also all things to need to do your job, you have to bring with you (Condoms, Oil, Cream, mouthwash etc.)


For the advertising you are responsible by your own, of course you can send me your working name, phone number and your original pictures and I do it on our website on the category "Mieterinnen" for free. But i don't give a guarante, that you have clients this way!

If you need more help with the advertising, I can give you a contact, which do the advertising for you. But you have to pay for this Service.


Dogs are welcom, if they are house-trained and well behaved.

If you dog damaged things, you have to pay this.

Working Permissions

90-Daywork Permissions I do for you for free


Jeannine +41 78 952 59 49

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Jeannine +41 78 952 59 49